Thursday, August 22, 2013

There is a War in Heaven

A kitschy beach scene...

....Get's Walkened!

"Beach Waves by M. Grant (Walken- The Prophecy)", 2013

24" x 36", oil on oil on canvas

What's more menacing than Christopher Walken? Christopher Walken in the 1995 movie, "The Prophecy", with his hair dyed black, portraying the Archangel Gabriel, who has come down to Earth in search of an evil soul that can be used as a weapon in another angelic civil war in heaven. The first war was caused when God commanded his angels to bow down to his new creation, man. Some angels, like Lucifer, refused. The Archangel Gabriel also wonders why God loves his talking monkeys so much, and he wants another war. Anyway, I like Christopher Walken, and I think this painting will look great over my couch.

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