Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Valerie Project- Painting 3 (Tchoř)

The third painting in my series based on the Czech film Valerie and Her Week of Wonders is of one of the most confusing characters in the movie. He is the evil shape-shifting figure that is referred to as "Monster" or "Weasel" throughout the film. The literal translation of the word "Tchoř", the name he is referred to most often, is polecat, not weasel, although a polecat is a large species of weasel. The ghoulish "Monster", who stalks the 13 year-old Valerie throughout the film often shape-shifts into a polecat to feed on the blood of chickens on the little farms in the village where Valerie lives. To make matters more confusing Tchoř may also be Valerie's real father, and the mysterious priest at Valerie's church who paints his face dark blue and gives sermons on the importance of chastity to young women. Weasel is often seen covered in a dark robe and carrying his little pet Maltese.

Pop goes the Weasel.

"Tchoř", 2013

20" x 24", oil on canvas

Come on everyone. Practice saying the word tchoř with me here.

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