Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chris and S.P.E.W.E.Y.

Late last year Shout! Factory released the complete series of the cult classic anti-sitcom, "Get A Life" on dvd. I got my copy as a present this past Christmas. It was great to finally see all 35 complete episodes again 20 years after the series left the air. I have a lot of nostalgia for the show. This series about a delusional 30-year-old paper boy is one of my all time favorite things. I won't bother to explain it any further here. You either "get" this show and love it or you don't and hate it. That is if you've ever even heard of it.

Anyway, after finally seeing most of these episodes again after over 20 years some hold up better than others, and the one that holds up the best for me is "S.P.E.W.E.Y. and Me". It's the one where Chris Peterson (Chris Elliot) discovers that a space alien has crashed in his backyard. This episode is clearly inspired by Spielberg's "E.T.", and Chris is convinced that his new alien friend is also a gentle, lovable creature, who has come to teach the earth about love. But Chris and his alcoholic landlord soon learn that this creature is nothing but a "vile, disgusting, puking bastard" that only grunts and vomits all over everyone he is introduced to. In just a 22 minute episode the retching, oozing alien meets the Pope, runs and hides from the FBI and Michael Jackson's zookeeepers, destroys Chris's neighbor's home and is finally beaten to death with a rake and eaten by Chris and his landlord Gus. I was so inspired by the episode that I did a tribute painting.

"Chris and S.P.E.W.E.Y.", 2013

22" x 28", oil on canvas