Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chewy Van Gogh No. 2

Here's another portrait of Chewbacca based on a Van Gogh painting:

Chewy Van Gogh No. 2, 2011

24" x 30", oil on canvas

The background and posture of Chewy in the painting come from one the several portraits Van Gogh did of his friend and mailman, Joseph Roulin. I tried to paint the table, chair and background as it was in Van Gogh's original painting, but Chewy's fur wound up looking more stylized than expressive. Below is the portrait of Joseph Roulin I was using for inspiration.

I was going to do a whole series of portraits of Chewbacca based on Van Gogh's six paintings of Joseph Roulin, but I think I'm done with this idea. No more Wookies!

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