Thursday, September 22, 2011

Contact Forms Part 1

Well, I've been fooling around with my website this week. I added a cute little redirect page from my old domain at to my new one at I had both domains pointing to the same webfolder, but I want to phase out the domain. For now the old domain still has a higher search engine ranking, so that's why I have the redirect page.

I also finally made a contact form for my site. Making a "simple" contact page has turned into the hardest thing I've ever done in building my new site. Since I have a Microsoft package with my hosting company, I had to try using ASP to send the completed email form. I had no experience with ASP, and I couldn't even get the script my hosting company provided me to work and neither could technical support. So it appears if I want a real functioning contact form I'm going to have to move my site to a Linux server and use PHP. That means my site will probably be down for a few days.

In the meantime, I have a simple html email form with a very simple mailto: function, which defeats the point of having a contact form in the first place (hiding your email address). This "simpler" version also doesn't work properly. As I have it now, people fill out the form fields, click send, and the form opens up their email client (if they even have one) and sends me a blank email. I tried both the "get" and "post" methods. With "post" it would show the completed form fields in the email client, and then it looks like it sent it. But I get nothing. At least with "get" I get a blank email with the sender's address.

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