Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rock Out With Your Matlock Out!

For my latest painting I gave America's favorite endlessly syndicated legal drama "Matlock" a Kiss makeover. Cantankerous, homespun attorney Ben Matlock gets the power of the cat, a la Kiss drummer Peter Criss.

a painting of Ben Matlock as a member of Kiss

"Matlock (Catlock)", 2011

18" x 18", oil on cradled panel

It's been more than 15 years since the show's final season on ABC, and Matlock can still be seen almost every morning in every city in America. You can usually see two reruns a morning if you try hard enough. I catch an episode from time to time and always wonder how I manage to make it all the way through such a mediocre Perry Mason ripoff. The show's appeal relies heavily on Andy Griffith's down home charisma. He's likeable even as a crotchety, hotdog munching, cheapskate defense attorney, who insists on a $100,000.00 retainer fee before he takes a case.

I always liked the "Andy Griffith Show", so I guess that's why I occasionally sit through a Matlock episode. Andy Griffith is great, but my favorite North Carolinian has to be Shelby, North Carolina's own Robert Elmore, aka "Uncle Goddamn" from the cult favorite Uncle Goddamn videos. It's not exactly like Mayberry in this small North Carolina town.

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