Thursday, June 30, 2011

SWFL Lives! Number 3

I'm excited to once again be part of Howl Gallery's "Southwest Florida Lives!" show in downtown Fort Myers. This is the 3rd Annual one, and the third one I've been a part of. Reception is tomorrow night from 6pm to 10pm. See you there!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My 100th Post!

Well, gentle reader I can't believe it! It's my 100th post already! Wow, two and half years of blogging and it really snuck up on me. I just wanna say thank you to all my followers. I couldn't have stuck it out this long without your support and kind emails and comments. It really is a friendly, friendly world!

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Kiss Army

Well, I finished another Kiss portrait earlier this week to round out my quad of portraits based on the four members of the hard rock slash glam band. Behold, my "Kiss Army"...

I tried to be as faithful as possible to the way that Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter were portrayed on their respective solo LPs. This was supposed to be me and a few of my friends in ironic portraits, but as time went by, it was proving hard to pin down anyone I knew to be the final member, drummer Peter Criss. So representing Criss' solo album we have uh, Ben Matlock, Andy Griffith's character from the long running legal drama, Matlock. I don't know. Sometimes I get an idea in my head, and well, this time I saw it through. Right after I finished with the "Matlock" painting, Peter Falk died, so I guess maybe I should have done "Columbo". Besides, Columbo is more widely known than Matlock, and where do you hang a painting of TV's Ben Matlock? Well in a "Matlock" apartment, I guess.

Anyway, I'm not really huge Matlock fan, and I'm certainly not a Kiss fan, although I love their whole concept. It's Kiss people not Insane Clown Posse! There would be no ICP without Kiss. I keep hearing younger folks referring to the above portraits as a take off on ICP, as if me and my friends (and Matlock as well, I guess) are rabid Juggalos (What is the deal with Faygo btw?).

As I was saying, I was never a Kiss fan. The main thing I'll always remember about the band is the 1978 made for television movie, "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park", an absurd movie where the four band members have to use their "special powers" to save a small California amusement park from destruction by an evil inventor. I distinctly remember a baby sitter I had at the time telling my parents that my siblings and I shouldn't be allowed to watch the Saturday Night Movie, because she said that "Kiss" stood for "Knights in Satan's Service" or some such nonsense. The only thing the "satanic" movie did was bore the shit out of everyone and make the band look like outlandish clowns.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rock Out With Your Matlock Out!

For my latest painting I gave America's favorite endlessly syndicated legal drama "Matlock" a Kiss makeover. Cantankerous, homespun attorney Ben Matlock gets the power of the cat, a la Kiss drummer Peter Criss.

a painting of Ben Matlock as a member of Kiss

"Matlock (Catlock)", 2011

18" x 18", oil on cradled panel

It's been more than 15 years since the show's final season on ABC, and Matlock can still be seen almost every morning in every city in America. You can usually see two reruns a morning if you try hard enough. I catch an episode from time to time and always wonder how I manage to make it all the way through such a mediocre Perry Mason ripoff. The show's appeal relies heavily on Andy Griffith's down home charisma. He's likeable even as a crotchety, hotdog munching, cheapskate defense attorney, who insists on a $100,000.00 retainer fee before he takes a case.

I always liked the "Andy Griffith Show", so I guess that's why I occasionally sit through a Matlock episode. Andy Griffith is great, but my favorite North Carolinian has to be Shelby, North Carolina's own Robert Elmore, aka "Uncle Goddamn" from the cult favorite Uncle Goddamn videos. It's not exactly like Mayberry in this small North Carolina town.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brobee Portrait

a painting of Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba

"Brobee (Black as Thunder)", 2011

14" x 11", oil on canvasboard

So I decided to do another painting of a Yo Gabba Gabba character. Brobee is the emotional one. He has a lot of trouble hiding his sadness and frustration. He wears his heart on his sleeve, but he always pulls it together for the team when things get tough.

For instance, I remember seeing Yo Gabba play Pittsburg, or was it Cleveland a couple years ago. The band was only halfway through a set, and Brobee was on the mic doin' "There's a Party in my Tummy", when his fucking mouth starts to fall off. Stage hands rushed in to help, and the band hesitated like they wanted to stop for minute, but Brobee was all like, "I don't give a fuck if my mouths falls off." Then he just waves the stage hands away and finishes the song all punk rock with his fucking mouth just hanging there. You gotta love the Brobster! Check it out, my friend caught part of it on his cellphone...