Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Hey!

My nephew's favorite thing to say for a while seemed to be "Yo Gabba Gabba". I've watched the show a couple times with him, and have been struck by its bizarreness (however, for me the creepiest and most surreal childrens show still has to be the BBC's "Teletubbies"). Of the six main characters on "Yo Gabba Gabba" the one that strikes me as the oddest is Muno. He looks like a giant one-eyed sex toy. I've run across blog posts on the internet that try to prove that the whole show has a sex toy theme. The phallic Muno is the most glaringly obvious example, but some say Muno's buddy Foofa is nothing more than a giant buttplug with a flower and eyes.

Anyway, kids still love the show and when DJ Lance Rock spins the music everybody loves to dance...

Yes, by day Muno dances his dance for the suits at Nickelodeon, but he hunts the night...

painting of Yo Gabba Gabba's Muno

"Moono", 2011

14" x 11", oil on canvasboard

I shouldn't say it, but I'm not overly thrilled with the outcome of this one. My painting enviroment wasn't the best, and when I started this piece I was using a new "green" paint thinner I bought at Home Cheapo. Kleen Strip's new "green" paint thinner was the cheapest, and sometimes you get what you pay for. It's supposed to be non-toxic and safer for the enviroment, but it is not safe for oil painting. It will ruin your brushes and slow your drying times considerably. I threw it out after I noticed my brushes fraying and losing their shape and my paint taking forever to dry. I don't know what it's made from but Kleen Strip Green Paint Thinner looks like milk and should not be considered a substitute for real good olde-fashioned toxic paint thinner. It's nice to be green when you can, but if you care about your brushes or your craft stay away from this shit!

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  1. yeah no doubt on the kleen crap
    it wont even pass thru a paint strainer, without clogging. looks like that absorbent stuff in diaper's. is gone out of my shop and any others products from them