Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skeletor Portrait

painting of Skeletor from Masters of the Universe

"Skeletor (with Paisley and Love)", 2011

14" x 11", oil on canvasboard

It's Masters of the Universe arch villain Skeletor. I found a good pic of a Motuc Skeletor action figure online, so I couldn't resist trying to do the "Evil Lord of Destruction's" portrait. I was never a big fan of the cartoon. I was a little too old to be watching it, but I still remember it being a big part of mid '80's television. I especially remember Skeletor, and his laugh, and although he was supposed to be menacing, he had the most ridiculous whiney voice. He would always spend way too much time cursing everyone and belittling his own minions. How could Skeletor's evil horde possibly defeat He-Man when they had their self-esteem crushed by Skeletor's constant insults.

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