Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Does God Hate the Melvins?

I just read this the other day and could hardly believe it. One of my favorite bands, the Melvins, had the incredible luck to experience the horror of two earthquakes on their 2011 tour this winter. They were waiting to catch their flight out of Christchurch, New Zealand when the country was hit by a 7.1 quake in February and were then left running for their lives, as frontman King Buzzo said "like dumb chickens", last Friday in Toyko when that country was hit by the massive 9.0 quake. Once safe they posted the following on facebook, "Another big earthquake in Tokyo! Melvins' members and crew are fine." Buzz couldn't believe the band's bad luck, "What are the odds of us being in TWO major earthquakes on TWO continents in about TWO weeks? In the billions?" Looks like this fact will wind up being another odd bit of trivia about a band that's had a long and often strange career.

I dunno, you guys could've played Florida instead. We've been waiting for years. All we've gotten in five years is a short set at the Lake Buena Vista Hard Rock when you opened for Down. You should come to Tampa Bay this fall. I should be back in FLA by then and it would be great to see you live again. No wait a minute, fall is hurricane season in Florida. No thanks, we don't need the hurricanes guys!

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