Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Art-O-Mat

Look what I bought today. An original piece of handmade art for only $5.00.

This "Bearded Bunny" is by artist William Hessian, and the coolest thing is that I bought it from a vending machine. An organization called Artomat or "The Artists in Cellophane" has been turning old banned cigarette vending machines into dispensers of extremely affordable handmade art since 1997 and the whole thing started right here in Winston-Salem, NC, the town I recently moved to. There are seven machines right here in Winston-Salem and over 90 throughout the country. They are also in many other countries worldwide.

I bought my "Bearded Bunny" from the machine at Secca, the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, which currently features an exhibit talking about the history of Artomat and showcasing some of the best Artomat art from its permanent collection. I think the refurbished old cigarette vending machines are works of art themselves.

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  1. great post about art-o-mat. its something all artists should be a part of. and all people should experience Art-o-mat by collecting a small work of art.

    its great to see where one of my bunnies has ended up