Friday, November 19, 2010

The Twisted Toy Show

Just like the flier says tomorrow night 7 to 10pm 645 Central Ave. St. Petersburg. Its an art show about toys just in time for the holidays. There will be paintings of toys and toys and toy-like 3D art Bay area people like me have made. This show was made for moi. Below is video I made a couple years ago featuring my paintings of toys. Some of these will be in this show.

The music in the above video is by the alternative metal band the Melvins, one of my favorite bands. Below is a cool stop-action video made for a song off their latest album "The Bride Screamed Murder". I think its funny that the director of this video must have also thought that the Melvins and toys go together somehow.

For most people the most famous thing about the Melvins is that they were Kurt Cobain's favorite band. They must also be one of Greg Gutfeld's favorites, because Melvins' frontman Buzz Osbourne has been on his show "Red Eye" countless times. In the clip below Buzz talks a little about Kurt Cobain, rock festivals and how rock concerts are just too long these days.

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