Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm the one infected, twisted animator

I did a portrait of a friend of mine awhile back in Gene Simmons' Kiss makeup. After each painting session I took a photo of the progress. I wound up with a dozen pictures. I had the idea to do a time-lapse video showing the making of the painting. After about five months I finally got around to it. I used Photostory 3, which is as the name suggests a slide-show maker app. Its available for free from Microsoft. I also used Photoshop to make things a little more interesting. I wanted to do a longer video to go the length of the song I chose, but Photostory has a limit to the number images it can use, and whenever I've tried splicing together videos made with Photostory in Moviemaker there is considerable image quality loss. Moviemaker doesn't seem to like stills. There is a guy who calls himself PapaJohn who has a site with all the info you could want about Photostory and Moviemaker. He even has custom widescreen profiles you can download and add to Photostory's list of profiles. I used one of his custom profiles for my video. Photostory doesn't come with a widescreen profile, and I wanted to create mine as a widescreen video. This meant I had to compress the width of my photos from a 100 to 75 percent in Photoshop before I imported them into Photostory and then save the movie I made in Photostory as one of PapaJohn's custom widescreen profiles, which then stretches the video back out. Other than the limitations I just spoke of Photostory a great and versatile slide-show maker.

The song I chose is Gene Simmons cover of Prodigy's "Firestarter" off Gene's 2004 album "Asshole". Below is the painting and the video.

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