Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Godzilla Yellow

Here's my latest painting: A still-life featuring Bandai's 1954 Godzilla.

"Godzilla Yellow", 2010

20" x 16", oil on cradled panel

I must have gotten the idea for this painting from watching Roseanne on TV Land. I never cared for the show when it originally aired, but seeing it now, I have to say it was a well-written "realistic" portrayal of the American family. And the Conners always had a Godzilla on the table shelf behind their couch. The Godzilla featured there changed from season to season. Sometimes there were even two or three. If you look closely you'll see the toys were even featured in other parts of the house, like Deejay's bedroom. I wasn't able to find out much about the Godzillas used in the show online. I couldn't even find any decent pics. Below is the only photo I found of the Conners' couch. If you squint hard you can make out the Imperial toys version of the monster gracing the table behind them.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Advice for Future Artists

I didn't go to an art school, but I do have a degree in art. And I wish I had this guy giving this speech at my graduation from Florida State so many years ago.